tom quinonero

full-stack web developper


I am Tom Quinonero, a French full-stack developer based in Berlin. I’ve been coding since I was 14.

I started to learn coding by myself and I got a job as a PHP developer at 20. It was a very interesting two-year experience, where I learnt a lot about the professional work environment.

Since then, I have been working hard on my skills, and I can say I’m a much better developer now. I mainly use ruby on rails and Vuejs.

I am available right now for contracts and missions.

What I do

With 10 years coding, I learn many, many things. Here's my selected skills. Hover for see more.

Ruby on rails

When I discover ruby on rails, I found myself pretty addicted to the simplicity of this framework. I fell in love with convention over configuration that day. I can know do pretty amazing things with rails :

  • I know how to manage complex models associations like single table inheritance or polymorphic relations.
  • I write efficients tests with rspec and capybara.
  • I implement precises authentication behavior with pundit.
  • I create nested forms for updating multiples models at the same time like it’s nothing.


I use to be scared of javascript. But since ES6 and babel, it feels way better. I work a lot with Vuejs, the best component based library in my opinion.


PHP was my first programation language and it was not easy for the 14 years old me to understand. With this language I learn programations cocepts as object oriented programation, object-relational mapping, unit testing etc…

  • I know how to create web apps from scratch
  • I know how to use laravel framework
  • I know how manage dependencies with composer
  • I know how to use template engine like Twig & Blade

Html & CSS

I am a CSS lover. I care a lot about naming and modularity. I am not a big fan of CSS framework in the way they can alter the readability of HTML but I have experiences with bootstrap, semantic UI and foundation.

  • I write semantic html markup
  • I can put any element where I want on the page
  • I know how to build an entire and coherent frontend framework
  • I use haml when it’s possible and sass


With 10 years of coding I learn way more than just coding skills.
Here’s some revelant:

  • Versioning with git & Gitflow
  • Linux command lines
  • zsh and tmux
  • some syntaxes: markdown, yaml, json, xml

Contact me

If you interessed in my profile, you can reach me at
Or give me a call +33667514458